The 2017 Global Migration Film Festival | USA for IOM

The 2017 Global Migration Film Festival

Bringing Stories of Migration to the Silver Screen

Screening of "Bonjour Ji"

Bonjour Ji

IOM, the UN Migration Agency, hosts the Global Migration Film Festival (GMFF) worldwide, showcasing films that capture the promise and challenges of migration for those who leave their homes in search of a better life and the contributions they make to their new communities.

GMFF in Washington D.C., in partnership with NYU-DC, will host a free screening of Bonjour Ji, described by producer/director Satinder Kassoana as "a story about the communication gap between different communities who live and work amongst each other."

A discussion will follow the film screening, with Ambassador Laura Thompson, Deputy Director General, IOM; Ahmed Badr, Youth Ambassador, IOM; and Veyron Pax, Iranian filmmaker and refugee.

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