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IOM’s Corporate Responsibility Program

IOM’s CREST program is designed to help companies reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking in their daily operations and broader supply chain.  CREST offers three distinct services to the corporate community:

  1. Training, which includes guidance on how to comply with new anti-slavery legislation and trade requirements, and practical tips on how to implement ethical recruitment practices and better monitor lower tier suppliers.
  2. Pre-departure and post-arrival orientation training for migrant workers. This provides prospective workers with information about living and working conditions, contract terms, human rights awareness and soft skills to better adapt to work abroad.
  3. Supply chain monitoring and ethical recruitment support, following IOM's International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) Code of Conduct and tools. This helps companies identify potential risks within their supply chain and develop risk mitigation strategies.  In addition, IOM supports companies in reviewing employment contracts and implementing the employer pays model of recruitment, as well as developing company policies and codes of conduct which clearly articulate company standards and expectations for all suppliers. 

By providing these services to the private sector, CREST seeks to fulfill a specific need of the business community, while also promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable migrant workers.

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