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Ongoing crises

Crisis in Somalia

Climate Change

Nearly half of Somalia’s estimated population of 14 million are in need of emergency assistance due to the severe and widespread drought. ...

Protecting victims of human trafficking

Human Trafficking

The number of trafficking victims worldwide is reported to be in the millions, a number constantly on the rise.


Human Trafficking

The world began hearing of the existence of the slave trade in April 2017, when African migrants started sharing their stories with IOM staff in...

IOM’s Corporate Responsibility Program

Human Trafficking

IOM’s CREST program is designed to help companies reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking in their daily operations and broader supply...


Poverty and war

Now into its seventh year, the Syrian civil war has devastated communities, homes and families, displaced more than 6 million people within Syria...


Poverty and war

Iraq has been embroiled in conflict and violence for 14 years, most recently in the fight against the Islamic State. 

Lake Chad Basin

Poverty and war

As a result of Boko Haram’s insurgency, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Cameroon are grappling with forced displacement, both internally and across...

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